Jason Bayne

Jason Bayne began his musical journey in his parents thrift store. Salvaging “junk instruments and recording gear from the suburban waste lands of southern California. His father is a blues guitarist, and his step father is a drummer. He also has some musical heritage on both sides of his family from the early American big band era. He began to experiment recording himself playing various instruments on a 4 track tape machine by the age of 10. He has basically never stopped experimenting since then. He later played in a few  metal and punk bands as a drummer/singer.  Around that time Jason also began to record various friends’ bands as well as write his own songs and license them to action various sports brands.

He attended school for music production in Portland, OR in 2011 where he honed his skills working with engineers Justin Phelps, Rick McMillen and Dean Baskerville. After school he moved to Vermont and started a studio called Redhand Recording/Redhand Collective. He continues to record and produce local bands and create custom scores for brands such as Nike, New Era, Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarder Magazine. Jason continues to create music and experiment with visuals and production techniques. In his spare time he loves to ride snowboards and skateboards, make art, craves mexican food, hates mushrooms but is a lover of all things living. Contact him for all your musical needs, audio desires and visual delights.

David Anderson

David Anderson is a musician with a love for the magic midrange.  He has been been a performing musician for several decades working across many genres with often an emphasis on heavy rock, vintage country, traditional folk as well as atmospheric and psychedelic music. His musical interests know no bounds.  David Anderson has long had a background studying and performing guitar but also performs bass, keyboard, banjo and lapsteel.  David continues to expand in to music licensing, composing, recording, mixing and mastering.  David has experience meeting tight turn around time tables for sync licensing projects.

Eoin Noonan

Eoin Noonan comes from a musical family where he grew up in County Clare, Ireland. He left his parent’s home and moved to the United States when he was fifteen years old. Eoin developed a unique musical style all his own and this continued as he expanded into metal, rock, folk, traditional, indie and electronic music.

Eoin is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and lyricist who creates many styles of music.  Eoin Noonan’s songs have been selected to be showcased throughout the northeast including the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, the North by Northeast festival in Toronto as well as various major sync. licensing projects.


Together these artists/engineers have created Chrome Yellow Audio where they are uniquely set up to collaborate on your project to ensure it provides the creativity, audio quality and professionalism in a timely manor.  Please contact our team for any questions you may have.