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.*= has not been licensed

sunavaunt- dead witch. stripped down, chill hop style beat with keys and drums.

SUNAVAUNT- twisted face.* down tempo instrumental with psychedelic vibe. 

SUNAVAUNT- smoke in the air.* mellow Downtempo beat with textured sounds.

SUNAVAUNT/DANDERS-Whistler.Song Descriptionrocking, mid tempo, western vibe.

SUNAVAUNT-Jackson song.Song Descriptionmid tempo edm type song

SUNAVAUNT-Japan song.-Song Description-mid tempo edm type song. 

SUNAVAUNT-SERUM XGAMES Song Description- upbeat, inspiring, electronic rock.

THE GUNAS -VENTI* -Song Description- Hip Hop, instrumental, background, ambient.

SUNAVAUNT-TRAP FACESong Description- upbeat trap style beat.

SUNAVAUNT-S1W BEATSong Description- Dark, trap, beats

SUNAVAUNT- RTD BEAT1Song Description- Dark, trap, beats.

SUNAVAUNT- RATCHET HEADSong Description- pop, trap beat

SUNAVAUNT-BUTTER BEATSong Description- trip hop, 90’s hip hop influence 

SUNAVAUNT-APRIL BEATSong Description-lofi hiphop, 90’s hip hop influence

THE GUNAS / SUNAVAUNT-BOOM BAPSong Description- happy, hip hop with guitar 

EOIN NOONAN – CALLING ME NAMES* -Song Description- Indie rock, male vocals, lyrics, relationships, loss, upbeat, building, guitar solo, big distorted guitars, drums.

SUNAVAUNT- BARREL– Song Description- epic, mellow, triumphant. 

THOMPSON GUNNER- CALIFORNIA’S BURNING* – Song Description- fire, rawk, grunge, punk, rock n roll.

SUNAVAUNT-GAP SCHOOL –Song Description- Hiphop,old school,beats.

EOIN NOONAN – CALLING ME NAMES instrumental* -Song Description- Indie rock, upbeat, building, guitar solo, big distorted guitars, drums.

SPLIT TONGUE CROW – HORIZONS* -Song Description- slow, big chorus, harmonies, female, male vocals, searching lyrics, clean guitars.

SPLIT TONGUE CROW – MID LIFE MISSLE CRISIS* -Song Description- dark, alone, harmonies, building, hypnotic, sad lyrics.

SPLIT TONGUE CROW – WAKING UP* -Song Description- Alt. Country, Americana, harmonies, female vocals, mellow, positive.

SPLIT TONGUE CROW – EASY COME* -Song Description- Alt. Country, Americana, harmonies, female vocals, wandering lyrics.  

THE GUNAS – HEAVIEST* -Song Description- Heavy Metal, big guitars, fast tempo, simple, aggressive.  

EOIN NOONAN – SPANISHTA*Song Description- desert, country, Mexican, lonely, free, building. 

DANDERS -PORTLAND TWO STEP* -Song Description- Break beats, building, breakdowns, driving, upbeat, ethereal female vocal, instrumental.

SUNAVAUNT-KAYSEEKALSong Description- Intriguing, relaxing, downtempo, chill                                                          

FOREST GRAY / SUNAVAUNT – YOUR NOT LISTENING* Song Description- modern pop.

FOREST GRAY / SUNAVAUNT – KIDS* Song Description- modern pop.

FOREST GRAY / SUNAVAUNT – BACK IN THE DAYSong Description- modern pop.

GUNAS / SUNAVAUNT-GUT FUNKSong Description- Reggae style song with junk elements.

GUNAS / SUNAVAUNT-BALLS BEATSong Description- Quirky, lofi, upbeat, cheesy

DANDERS / SUNAVAUNT-DAVES ORGANSong Description- mellow,dynamic epic, beat with guitar.

THEGUNAS/DANDERS -KEEP ME UP– Song Description- Spacey, electronic, pop, vocals, downtempo.

SUNAVAUNT/DANDERS-GREY KEYS*  –Song Description-Dirty,funky,drums,organ,guitar

THE GUNAS -FLIPSong Description- Happy, upbeat, pulsing, medium tempo                

SUNAVAUNT-WUNDERLAND* –Song Description- Upbeat,exciting,positive,bright,rock,instrumental

SUNAVAUNT-SPACE RACE* –Song Description- Mysterious,epic,beats

THE GUNAS-FALLING AGAIN* –Song Description- Psychedelic, mellow, rock

SUNAVAUNT- THE ICEMAN Song Description- Blues, bluegrass, backwoods, dirty, acoustic 

DANDERS – AFRO SLACK*  -Song description – Electronic, Groove, Uptempo, Rhythmic. 

SUNAVAUNT- GLASSEYE* Song description- jazzy, downtempo, lo-fi, hiphop

THEGUNAS / SUNAVAUNT- THE SEREM* –Song Description- Inspirational, medium tempo, piano, break down  rock .

SUNAVAUNT- ELEPHANTASM* -Song Description- psychedelic, swamp rock, instrumental.

SUNAVAUNT-SBJB  –Song Description-Discovery,electric,orchestral.

THEGUNAS / SUNAVAUNT- GUMMY*  –Song Description- lazy, glitchy, mysterious,guitar, beat 

SUNAVAUNT-FASTLOOP  –Song Description- dubstep,medium tempo with build up in middle.

SUNAVUNT-FASTVILLE*  –Song Description- fast paced,moving,intense,electro.

SUNAVAUNT-REDIRECT* –Song Description- mysterious,intense,pulsing.

SUNAVAUNT-KAOSS BALLED*  –Song Description- Ominous,scary,orchestral.

SUNAVAUNT-ROSS SAUCE* –Song Description- Beats,heavy,intense,dirty.

SUNAVAUNT-BITFUNK* –Song Description- Sleepy,mellow,lo-fi.

SUNAVAUNT-FELTBEAT  –Song Description- Mellow,electronic,discovery,quirky.

SUNAVAUNT-EMPIANO  –Song Description- Mellow,electronic,piano.

SUNAVAUNT-TOGETHER*  -Song Description- upbeat,industrial,quirky, electro.

SUNAVAUNT-FANGSTEP*  -Song Description- Heavy beats,electronic,industrial.

SUNAVAUNT-REDHAND BEATS*  -Song Description- guitar, drums, happy, quirky, inspirational. 

SUNAVAUNT-COLDSTEEL*  –Song Describtion- funky, dirty, dramatic, upbeat.

SUNAVAUNT / DANDERS-PHONE JOB*  –Song Description- electronic, mellow, instrumental, rock, guitar, synth. 

SUNAVAUNT-BELLBEE  –Song Description- quirky, soft, minimal.

SUNAVAUNT / DANDERS – CYALLDAY*  -Song Description- Hip hop, Guitar, beat.

SUNAVAUNT-MODBEAT*  –Song Description- Hip hop, beat. 

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